View Full Version : How tight to play at the booby prize

01-26-2004, 02:58 PM
I was in the Sunday 200k guarinteed last night on PartyPoker, table 9 with about 85 players left, out of 1497 starters. 80th place pays off about $600. Blinds are at 750 1500

Right after I got on the table I got a KK, and made a big raise, which the big stack decided to fold to. But after that, the player with the biggest stack would raise over everyone's stacks with any 2 cards. Good stratagy since all the players in the tourney were playing very tight, and he managed to improve his stack size from 40k to 70k by the time 5 players dropped out.

My question is, how tight should you play against this player. I had a 10k stack, and average was about 15k. I decided I would play QQ KK & AA against him. I didn't get any before I made the money so.... My figuring was that these hands were worth playing. If I folded every hand, which is what happend, I would be guarinteed $600. But, if I dubled up, I would be a shoe for 2k. So, I would be risking $600 to win $2k with a hand that was atleast 70%, and this seemed reasonble to me.

My question really is, is this too tight? I think the next level against any 2 cards would be calling with AJ or better. So in terms of expectation, with a 2/3 average stack, how tight is most optimal against any 2 cards?

Oh, and I inded up in 38th place for a $1.8k prize.