View Full Version : How should one defend blinds?

La Brujita
01-25-2004, 11:56 AM
This is probably one of the weakest aspects of my game. All I have to go on is the short handed discussion in HEPFAP.

If someone completes and I am in the BB, I usually feel lucky to see a flop with most hands. I guess the problem is if you don't reraise you don't take control of the hand; i.e. it is harder to win when nobody hits.

Also, if I reraise out of the BB shouldn't it be at least a 2xBB raise so as not to price your opponent in?

Finally, a somewhat related question, when playing heads up if the button completes, how often should the BB reraise. My thinking is if it is a passive player who just calls alot, I don't want to wake a sleeping giant.

One of my problems is when the blinds are small, I don't care that much if people steal. I think that sets a bad precedent and people continue to steal when the blinds increase.

Any help appreciated.

Losing all
01-25-2004, 03:15 PM
1) I'm always happy to see a free flop with medium-trash hands. You can often take it down after a check with a low risk bet(I'll also make a high risk bet after missing if the SB just can't seem to fold for small bets on occasion, but this is a little more, ehh risky)

2) If I want it there I'll make a big raise or call if i'm not fairly confident in my hand, or the player folding.

3) I love the SB callers! I'll usually check trash/big hands, raise medium-good hands. This is all player dependant though and I'll switch it up a lot more if I respect the player.

4) I don't worry defending early either