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01-24-2004, 07:40 PM
Here's the info Mike Haven provided about the tournament.

summary of M. Haven posts re tourney

Zoo vs SS vs Touns NLHE Tourney. Feb 5th. TruePoker. 8.30pmEST


Basically, this is a normal Multi-Table Tournament, held at TruePoker.com. It is a $20+$2 No Limit Hold'em game, although because of various bonuses that True gives participants, most players only pay $10 each.

To make it interesting, and to give the winning forum's posters bragging rights over the other forums, at the end of the Tourney I allocate points to each player according to where he finishes; the points are added up; and the Team with the highest number of points is declared the winner of the Team Event. (There is one overriding Rule: "We are all gentlemen." Obviously, there must be no softplay of one's own team-mates, and no chip-dumping to one's own team-mates, during the Tournament. It is only after the Tournament is over that the Team Points aspect comes into play.)

These Tournaments are amazingly good-natured fun but also intense poker. It is joked that the flop percentage has dropped to zero on occasions. (Maybe that isn't a joke, in fact.)

Please join us at the tables - our intention is to start a League in due course, and this Tournament is helping to pave the way for that exciting ambition.

Good luck to all who play in her.


Please e-mail me at zoopoker@yahoo.com, now, with your twoplustwo alias in order that I may send you the password to register for the Tourney.

Don't forget to register before 1st February to receive the $2 Early Bird Bonus.


I am in correspondence with Mr True-Man about our rebates and bonuses. We are calculating on there being 100 players, paying $20+$2, but the offers stand in any case.

Here are the deals done to date:

Anyone who plays 100 raked hands by midnight EST of February 4th (that averages at only 5 raked hands per day from now!) at any level will receive a $10 Rebate after they play in the Tourney. (Possible $1000 added.)

Anyone who registers by midnight EST on 31st January will receive a $2 Early Bird Rebate after they play in the Tourney. (Possible $200 added.)

The player who finishes on the Bubble will receive a Bellagio Casino $50 Food and Beverage comp. (Fully Transferable.) ($50 added.)

The first player to win a pot with a revealed GrannyMae (Q5) will receive a $25 Bonus. (Possible $25 added.)

The winners of the first twenty Last Longer Bets posted in the Zoo or the SS, and notified to Support, of $5 or more, will each receive an additional $5 from TruePoker. (Possible $100 added.)

Up to the first five players knocked out of the Tournament by the eventual winner, if they finish outside the money, will each receive $10 Compensation. (Possible $50 added.)

There will be a $25 bonus to the non-final table player who knocks out the most of the opposing Team's Members. ($25 added.)

There will be a $25 bonus to the non-final table player who knocks out the most of his own Team's Members. ($25 added.)

(Total cost to TruePoker is possible $1475 added plus possible $100 TD Fee.)