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01-24-2004, 06:25 AM
I'll be brief. I hope that those of you who are serious poker players that are concerned about the integrity of the game as it applies to online events will contact Party Poker about their all-in policy in tournaments.

I'm a regular player in the larger buy in tournaments at Party and have found the players are intentionally abusing the all in policy in tournament play.

The most common situation is when the blinds have increased to a significant amount and a player with a good, but not great, hand bets and is then raised. The time out player will simply allow the system to time out, and gets a free ride to the river for what they have invested in the pot.

I've contacted Party and they seem willing to (1) investigate specific instances of this, and (2) change the policy on all in protection for tournaments if enough people will contact them.

This "tactic" changes the nature of the game. Its been used against me in 3 crucial situations, one of which bumped me out of a tournament. I hope that any and all of you that play tournaments at Party will email info@partypoker.com and ask them to reform or simply drop the all in protection rule for tournament play.

Otherwise, I would suggest you all start using this tactic. Its just too powerful to ignore.

Thanks for reading,


01-24-2004, 07:10 AM
I seem to be on a role tonight with posting and replying.

I am also frustrated with their all in policy. Tonight I was playing a 30 sit n go. 6 players in, have Ad7d. Flop comes 4d, 6d, As. SB checkes, UTG+1 bets 50 (blinds are 25-50) next 3 call. I decide to put in a pot sized bet hoping to push everyone out. Unfortunately, the SB, decides to timeout. As it turns out, everyone else folded, and I won the pot. This player had 8-5 for an inside st8 draw. Now I am happy with this result, but what if this was a pure bluff. I also hated that everyone got to see the hand.

So doing this both protects the players' stake in the pot and forces the winner to turn over their hand...which I hate!

That said, this is plain and simple cheating and I would greatly prefer that players not start using this "tactic."


01-24-2004, 07:04 PM
I just sent an email to party and empire. You are right, their policy sucks major ass. I have been victim of this too. I sent emails, sometimes getting satisfaction, sometimes not.

Everyone should suggest their policy be:

If you are timed out during a hand in this tournament, your hand will be FOLDED.