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08-15-2002, 09:29 AM
Hi all...

In my country (Denmark) It costs 126,- (Danish Kroner) to travel with the train from A to B. That is if you buy the ticket at the station. However - you can take a change and buy the ticket in the train for an extra 25,- (and hope the ticket inspector doesn't come along that day - it happens frequently) The days that he comes along you pay 126+25 and the days he doesn't come along you travel for free.

How frequently should he come along, for it to be profitable for you not to buy a ticket at all?

(I hope I've made my self clear - english is not my best!)



08-15-2002, 10:11 AM
You are getting 5-1 pot odds by paying an extra 25 on the train, so the inspector only has to fail to come around 1 time in 6 for this to be profitable.

I found an interesting way to ride the trains in Japan. Normally you buy a ticket at station A that costs various amounts depending on how far you want to go. When you get off at station B, a machine looks at where you bought the ticket and if you didn't pay enough, you have to pay the difference before they let you go through the gates. My scheme is to buy the ticket at the destination station B first for the minimum fare (you have to get there somehow the first time, perhaps by paying one fare). Then keep that ticket and use it the next time you want to go to that station from any other station. Then when you get out, the inspector looks at your ticket, and it appears you traveled no distance, so you traveled as far as you like for the minimum fare. I don't know if this always works, I did it successfully the one time I tried it.