View Full Version : Odds question: PF as Mini-Game?

11-10-2003, 01:48 PM
CROSS-POST FROM SMALL STAKES (may be more appropriate here):

When thinking about how to play PF, does anyone bring odds to play? For instance, I know that suited connectors or AXs/KXs play better in late position with many callers. But specifically, are you looking for at least 7.5 SB, since that's the odds you will flop a four flush?

In other words, do you play based on the odds of hitting the flop you want to see, even if that doesn't NECESSARILY produce a payoff? It's like a PF "mini-game", in which you try to maximize your chances of playing in the "main game", starting at the flop, with an advantage.

I am mostly trying to understand how to estimate the value of a limp, a 2-bet call, or defending a blind. I understand the strategic aspects of raises with good hands better.