View Full Version : correct flush draw answer

11-06-2003, 05:34 AM
Recently there was a question posted about how to figure the probability of making a flush with 2 to come. There were many responses, so much so I didn't read them all. So I apologize if I'm repeating the correct answer, but here it is. If you have 2 suited cards in your hand and 2 of the same suit on the flop then there are 47 unknown cards. You need atleast one of the 9 remaining of your suit. There are 47C2(spoken 47 choose 2) unique turn and river combinations, or 1,081 combos. If you take away the 9 flush cards that help you then there are 38 cards left that don't help you. Therefore there are 38C2 = 703 combos that don't help you. Then there are 1,081 - 703 = 378 combos that have atleast one flush card. So 703/378 = 1.859. Therefore you about a 1.86 : 1 dog to make your flush. So for every 1 time you make it 1.86 times you won't. Hope this helped.