View Full Version : Is this a call on the flop?

09-24-2003, 07:40 PM
I was playing $1-$2 at a loose passive table. Usually 5-6 people seeing the flop out of 9 at the table.

I called $1 with Ah,2h from early MP. Thought about folding it because of the low kicker. But no one was raising so I called. There were about 6 people seeing the flop.

The flop was something like 7s 4h 2c

It is checked around and a late position player or possibly the button bets $1. Assume you know no one will raise. Is this a call or a fold? [You have bottom pair and high kicker. And three hearts.]

I called, but think now it may have been incorrect.

The turn card was something like Qh. Now I had a four flush.

There was about $10 to $12 in the pot. The button bet $2. I called. Two behind me called. [Was this call correct in terms of implied pot odds.] Clearly I would really want 4-5 bettors to make my bet worth it. But don't the implied pot odds make it reasonable now to call?

09-24-2003, 11:36 PM
If you are getting, or almost certain to get 8:1 odds on the flop, a call is in order. On the turn, you have at least 5:1 pot odds to call, and you only need 4.1:1 to call if only your flush outs are good (2.3:1 if an ace or 2 is good), so you should call even without implied odds. (It sounds like you do not understand the difference between pot odds and implied odds, is this true?)