View Full Version : Right Pot Odds to Flush Draw but Scare

09-10-2003, 04:18 PM
EP with AcQc.
MP raiser, LP caller, I call.
Flop: Kc, 6h, 2c.
I Check.
MP goes all-in and LP goes all-in. Looks like Kings all around or another flush draw.
Pot: ~18k
My chips: ~6k left
Pots odds: 3 to 1,
My odds: 9 outs with 2 cards left so about 2 to 1.
Twist: Right odds but getting close to being in-the-money.
My action: I fold.
Flush hits.
Was this a smart playing considering I was getting close to finishing in the money or should I have taken the odds and gone all-in as well.