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09-02-2003, 10:35 PM
Hello all-

Im not sure if any of you have tried to take advantage of the Intercasino $80 match bonus but I have and have had a hard time clearing it. I was wondering what the odd are of not clearing it on three successive attempts while playing $5 perfect strategy blackjack. To clear the bonus you must wager 20 times the bonus ammount or $1600. I quit if i lose the $80 and do not play any further. So what are the chances of losing 16 bet units ($80) in blackjack before wagering 20 times this buy-in ammount ($1600). I hope this makes sense to you all. Thanks in advance for the help.

cubswin cubswin cubswin

09-03-2003, 12:26 AM
I can't seem to find the book at the moment, but in Blackjack Attack there is a trip risk of ruin formula. You plug in your EV, SD, bankroll, and how long you are going to play and it spits out your ROR. If I can find the book I'll do the calculation for you.

-- Homer

09-03-2003, 01:17 AM
cubswin (if there's a god in heaven),
I used to play a lot of blackjack, and though I never would've been able to answer your question with certainty off the top of my head, I can tell you that your chances of being -16 units at some point on your way to placing 320 units of action is pretty high (I'd guess it's over 70%). I'm not familiar with the rules/# of decks at Inter, but my guess is they're so-so, which puts the vig between 1% and 2%. The other poster is right; you'll find a definitive answer in Blackjack Attack. If you ever decide to play blackjack seriously (or if you already have), you must get that book (Don Schlesinger wrote it).

09-04-2003, 12:23 PM
Try this link for a risk of ruin table wizardofodds (http://www.wizardofodds.com/games/blackjack/bjapx12.html). I interpolate your probability of going bust at 45% on each individual test. The chance of losing three times in a row would be 45%x45%x45%.

09-05-2003, 02:19 AM
I can't tell you the odds on losing the bonus 3 times in a row, but I can give you a way to vastly improve your chances of clearing the bonus. Instead of playing single player blackjack at $5 a hand, play multiplayer blackjack and bet $1 on five hands each deal. This way you have to be down 80 betting units to lose the bonus instead of 16. It takes about 4 hours to clear the bonus this way.