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09-02-2003, 01:51 AM
tell me if this is a dumb idea or not.

when reading an earlier post about a hand being +EV for you to play it, it got me thinking about what hands I could actually play profitably. so here was my thought:

I have turbo hold'em where you can set it up to deal you the same cards each time. I was planning on simply playing aces and learning how to play them properly (probably the most strait forward hand- you're in the lead until told otherwise, no overcards, etc.) This would include all the odds situations that arise as well as analyzing the mistakes of the other players. (IE being aware of pot size and draws that are out there.) I would basically just work out the math and post on the probability/ small stakes forum. I realize how poorly I play because I don't think about situations the right way.

I could then move to kings, etc.

I've always been mathematically inclined, although slightly out of practice, but no matter. I intend to spend quite a lot of time playing poker in the future and would like a solid foundation.

is this a good idea or just a waste of time. (how could that possibly be? ) I figure I can always learn the limits of what hands to play from what positions depending on the crowd, but it doesn't really matter if I can't play them +EV.

give me all your thoughts, rip me to shreads, its all about the dialogue.

thanks in advance


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09-02-2003, 02:32 AM
i don't think this is a bad idea, but it seems that your goal should be more focused on identifying borderline hands for a given situation. while playing aces and kings will help your game, it won't teach you anything about playing positive EV hands since these hands should never be folded preflop at limit hold 'em.

what i would recommend is something more on the order of repeatedly dealing yourself borderline hands like AJo or KJs in early position and seeing how you do with them. this would give you an idea of what the cutoff for hand selection in this position is.