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07-30-2003, 05:13 PM
I play in three games: a 3-6 HORSE, a 6-12 Hold 'em, and a 10-20 Hold 'em. The 3-6 game may be the greatest game ever. Most people deal O8 or HE. In O8, more than half the players play any 23, any A3, any A4, any A5, and any 34, even for multiple bets. Four people will always play things like 5678. They get in raising wars when they have the second best low and no high. In HE, one guy will put four bets preflop with a 34off. It's "his" hand. Another guy does it with the 85off. Everyone calls my utg raise with AToff and the like.

My stats for the last year:

10-20 $13/hour
6-12 $9/hour

These are based on 500+ hours each game. Obviously I'm a decent player, but certainly not great considering I'm well under 1BB/hour.

Now the stats for the last 600 hours of the 3-6 game:

$20.22/hour, standard deviation of 100.6

The point is not to brag--my 5-10 and 10-20 stats show I still have some work to do. The points are:

1. 3 BB/hour + are possible in very loose games. 600+ hours is a big enough sample size, right?

2. With extremely poor players, O8 is the game to play. I think this was reflected in Poker Essays when MM listed smaller bankrolls for O8 (compared to HE).

3. OK, maybe I wanted to brag a little. /images/graemlins/grin.gif

07-30-2003, 06:07 PM

With no rake, 3BB/hr+ is definitely possible, but with a standard rake I think it is likely that 2BB/hr is closer to the maximum win rate for a good but not great player. One of the main reasons for this is that the worse your opponents play, the fewer hands/hr you get, especially in a game like Omaha8. At 20 hands an hour, you have to average almost a big bet per hand you play voluntarily which is unlikely. However with no rake (which will cost you $6-$12/hr), 3BB/hr or slightly more is probably achievable in a game like this. It is also possible if the game is frequently shorthanded. With a standard max $3-$4 rake, I doubt that anyone can earn 3BB/hr in the long run. Note that this does not necessarily disagree with your statistics as the 95% confidence interval for your win rate is:

$12.01 - $28.43


I think stud8 is a much better game to play against horrible opponents. It is as easy to screw up as omaha8 for the bad players, but you get more information. Also, it is tougher to back into hands.


Good job.

07-30-2003, 06:22 PM
I pay a $25 flat rate per session--the individual hands are not raked. No tipping of dealers either. We often play 8 hrs. so I pay $3/hour in "rake". I'm sure this helps me dranatically with my hourly rate.

07-30-2003, 06:27 PM
Cool, that makes us both right /images/graemlins/smile.gif.

Keep cleaning up.

12-04-2003, 01:43 AM
Hi crash,
25 bucks per session sounds pretty cheap, but it's rumored that you play with "Baggin' Betty". If this is true, you must add in the psychic price you pay for listening to her. I figure it as follows: 1 hour costs $3 + a little piece of your soul that died.