View Full Version : $11: AK doesn't hit, interesting results

12-29-2005, 04:29 AM
Seat 4 is the button
Total number of players : 8
Seat 1: Dyenimator ( $620 )
Seat 3: john7894 ( $990 )
Seat 4: ChasBan ( $2055 )
Seat 6: johnrockerfr ( $1085 )
Seat 7: firststrike2 ( $690 )
Seat 8: BabarPoker ( $775 )
Seat 9: FreddyFingaz ( $535 )
Seat 10: losyara007 ( $1250 )
Trny:18699342 Level:2
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to BabarPoker [ Ad Kh ]
BabarPoker raises [100].
FreddyFingaz folds.
losyara007 folds.
Dyenimator folds.
john7894 folds.
ChasBan calls [100].
johnrockerfr folds.
firststrike2 folds.
** Dealing Flop ** [ Qs, 6d, 8h ]
BabarPoker checks.
ChasBan checks.
** Dealing Turn ** [ 7h ]
BabarPoker bets [100].
ChasBan calls [100].
** Dealing River ** [ 2s ]
BabarPoker _____?

Results in white.
<font color="white"> BabarPoker checks.
ChasBan is all-In [1855]
BabarPoker: hmmmm
BabarPoker: I'm gonna call with Ace high here.
BabarPoker is all-In [575]
BabarPoker shows [ Ad, Kh ] high card ace.
ChasBan shows [ Tc, Jd ] high card queen.
ChasBan wins 1280 chips from side pot #1 with high card queen.
BabarPoker wins 1595 chips from the main pot with high card ace.

12-29-2005, 04:37 AM
Why don't you make a continuation bet on the flop?

I don't like the call on the river, but I'm glad it worked out for you.

12-29-2005, 05:02 AM
My standard line is to c-bet a bit more than half pot on the flop. However, this is so standard, that against opponents that are somewhat good (like I knew he was), it really means nothing and is effectively donking off chips, because you will get called and then not know where you are anyways (or pushed off the hand on the flop.)

A turn cbet on a blank actually is stronger, because you restrict his draw if he has one, and he could believe you for AQ checked on flop. If a scare card had come on that board, most likely A high was behind in the hand anyways, given villians PF calling range.

Its a common (gigabet?) move to push the riv when checked to (See my recent post in MTT where I push into 2 others on the riv with K high.) Here, I have a very strong read he is making the same move on a missed draw or a monster, and its unlikely to be a monster because he never protected his hand, so I call with A high.

edit: BTW I am very very tight in $11s, often folding AQ (probably incorrectly) to raises in early and even mid-levels (for example, I could fold AQ in LP @ $11 to a minraise and then re-minraise from early position raisers in level 1.)