View Full Version : $50 S&G Ac6c on the button

12-28-2005, 01:11 PM
I have about $1400 in chips and my opponent has about $2200 in chips.

Its a 6 man tournament and we all started with $1500 in chips. Everyone is pretty even.

The blinds are now $30-60.

My opponent is in the cutoff and he limps after the first two players fold, he is a typical player but he's weak. He used to play alot of basement poker a few years back but he hasn't kept up with the growth of poker. He earlier limped in with QQ in the cutoff and I folded on the button, The SB completed with 89o and the BB checked.

The SB bet out on a flop of 8 6 x and my villan called with QQ.

Turn was a T, the SB lead out with a bet again of about 3/4 of the pot and the Villan called again, the river was an Ace and the action went check check.

Ok so onto my hand, the villan limps and I limp with Ac6c.
The SB folds and the BB wraps the table. the BB is a very tight player.

The flop is Ac Td 8d.

The pot is $210.

its checked to me and I bet $150.
The BB folds and the villan calls.

The turn is a 4s.

The pot is now $510.

He checks and I bet $300.
He calls.

The river is a 2c.

The pot is $1100.

He checks.

I bet $400 for several reasons.
#1. As weak as he is he may call me down with a T because he sees such a sizeable pot.
#2. He may even call me with a busted draw, some players do that and he may have an ego problem that I bluffed him out of the hand.
#3. If I flip my hand over I risk letting the players 2 of whom are very observant seeing what type of hand I had that I would limp in with and bet this way.

I figure I'll bet $400 since the runner 4, 2, rainbow are safe cards.

What do you think?

Should I have bet more?
Should I have checked?
SHould I have bet less?

Is this a good bet to squeeze a little more value for my hand?