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12-28-2005, 03:15 AM
Hey all, you prob. get this a lot, but I have been playing $10 and $20 Sngs for a long time (2 years ago actually). I have always just bought in for $50 and cashed out at around $300 or so, about a total of 10 times since last year. When this semester of school started, I decided to take a shot and try to build a bankroll and become a real "student of the game". I have not been successful. Just now, I went on a huge tilt (6 $10 sngs...each one i lost KK/AA all ins). I went on blackjack and tilted away the rest of my $200 bankroll, putting $50 on a hand. Since november 1, I have played 950 $10 sngs...41% ITM 6% roi, HORRIBLE! During this period I have never been above $300 (Starting from my $45 I made from affiliate profits.) It seems like a lost cause for me to be playing. Two of my friends have turned a $100 deposit into $3,000 so far and are playing 30's and 50's, in about four months. I have almost no more money to put into Party and blow again. What should I do? I read these forums almost daily reading the hands, etc. Has anyone had a similar experience? Also, does anyone have my pokerprophecy stats? (sebumd) that they could post, I'm curious. Sorry for the rambling, but thanks for reading my post.

Frustrated after my $200 tilt....

ps. My goal is to be playing anything for about 30 hours a week this summer, and be making over $400/week. Is this a realistic goal for the summer? Would I be able to find anyone online to be a "mentor" or something of that sort?

12-28-2005, 03:23 AM
dont worry about what your friends are doing, focus on your game. Don't play blackjack. Don't play when you are pissed off (especially multitabling). Don't cashout your money into your bankaccount, keep it on neteller and use the winnings to build your bankroll.

12-28-2005, 03:40 AM
"I have played 950 $10 sngs...41% ITM 6% roi, HORRIBLE!"

This is like the third post in the past few days where a winning player says something like this. WTF? That's not horrible. -9% ROI is average.
So here's my plan for you: Don't play blackjack. The end.
$400 a week is 200 20% ROI 11s. Work on your game, 41 ITM/6 ROI probably means you aren't being aggressive enough 3-4 handed.

Your two friends might be poker prodigies but they might also be problem gamblers on a hot streak. Bill Gates is worth more than you'll ever be, it's still worth trying to make money.

12-28-2005, 03:43 AM
Sounds like you dont have the money but it sounds like you could really use SNG Power Tools. its $80 but will bring you much much more cash flow.