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12-04-2005, 09:53 PM
i know u cannot withdraw after your deposit. A while ago, i had this special offer for a 100 percent deposit up to 100 dollars there because i wantted to bet on their sportsbook. So, i deposited 100 and got another 100. My total to start with was 200. I had to roll over 5x the amount which was 1000 i believe because i used neteller instead of instacash. Does anyone know if i m saying this correct ? Is it 3x or so? Also, i didnt rolled over enough. lost like 60 or so in blackjack (horrible play) and then my acct went down to like 35 bucks. I betted a game and doulbed up to like 70. Then i said i will never finish this bonus so i just betted 1 game and lost it all. If i decided to withdraw at this moment, does it mean i can actually withdraw the 70 dollars i have there because i thought if i did withdraw, i would withdraw nothing at all because of the bonus thing.

I also want to give bodog another try because most of my lost money came from blackjack and sports betting. If i deposit 500 dollars and get the 50 dollar bonus, i have 550 to start with. If let say i play poker and start to hit below 550, let say 500. Can i just withdraw everything now and still have the 500 or will it be ike 450? Srry for my many questions. thanks.

12-05-2005, 01:01 AM
jesus dude - how bout a little confidence? is your question "im a complete loser and dont think i can improve on my deposit?" try to win - thats how the game is played

12-05-2005, 08:55 AM
This is not a "no risk" bonus.

You deposit $500, and they give you a $50 bonus right away.

You'll need to get 150 Bodog points before you withdraw ANY AMOUNT or they take the $50 back.

So, for example, you lose $75 and decide to withdraw before gaining the 150 points to clear the bonus. You would only be able to withdraw $425 (deposit minus how much you lost).

The $50 would disappear into thin air (it does not stay in your account if you withdraw).

They do this to keep some enterprising fellow from depositing a large amount, withdrawing it, and then dumping the bonus money to his buddy.