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12-02-2005, 04:42 PM
Has anyone ever played on Poker Room? Not Hollywood and other sites from the same network, but Poker Room? I specifically want to know what the starting chips are in SNGs, if they offer turbos, and how quickly the blinds increase. I'm a turbo or PP-style SNG fan myself since they take less time and I have it down pat.

Poker Room is #3 in terms of bonus clearing for SNGs (BoDog and PokerStars are #1). By clearing the bonus through SNGs, 71.4% of the tourney fees are returned to you (compared to 100% for BoDog and PokerStars). Good deal, right? I just wish I could learn more about what the site offers. I tried to log-in as a guest to observe games, but it does not allow that until I deposit. If the site has turbos or PP style SNGs, I'd love to deposit there and whore it up!

On another note... anyone good with math want to help me out here? With the 30% to $200 bonus, 71.4% of the tourney fees are returned (see below for details). With the 30% to $400 bonus, only 41.5% of the tourney fees are returned. Despite receiving 29.9% less in tourney fees, would the $400 bonus still be the better choice?

30% to $200 (7x bonus in points) = 1400 points
30% to $400 (12x bonus in points) = 4800 points
$1 fee = 5 points
1400p / 5p = $280 in SNG fees to clear
4800p / 5p = $960 in SNG fees to clear

$200 bonus / $280 rake = 71.4% rake returned
$400 bonus / $960 rake = 41.5% rake returned

I'm not sure how else to word what I'm asking... I'm looking for going with the best deal. I'm thinking that since I'm receiving significantly fewer tourney fees back with the $400 bonus, the $200 bonus is almost as profitable, and it'll clear quicker.

12-02-2005, 04:59 PM
always pick the faster clear rate in favor of the actual size of the bonus. there will always be reload offers later on.

12-02-2005, 05:20 PM
Good point. With that settled... just need some input on Poker Room's SNG structure.