View Full Version : Warranty advice

10-16-2005, 04:42 PM
I always hated warranties and felt that they were a waste of money. Today though I was using a friends computer and it shut off and wouldnt start back up correctly. We got someone to come look at it and they determined the the motherboard had failed. It is a Gateway that is no more than 6 months old.

I guess I'm just wondering if a failure like this is a common thing. My new Dell just came in the mail and I havent even set it up yet and I am wondering if I should try to get at least a 1 yr warranty on it incase something fails like what happened today.

10-17-2005, 05:16 AM
They make a profit on the warranties overall, so mathematically they are probably bad value. Whether paying for the cover is right for you depends on how readily you can just put it down to bad luck and carry out/pay for repairs in the unlikely event of something going wrong. If you're confident about diagnosing/repairing hardware problems yourself, they're rubbish value; if not, the peace of mind may be worth the cost.

10-17-2005, 05:20 AM
Buy higher quality stuff and there is less chance of something failing, and therefore less need for extended warranty.