View Full Version : Pentium M vs. Centrino

10-14-2005, 02:45 PM
I've been looking at some older, 2 years old, laptops and some have Pentium M processors and some have Centiro...can't recall the exact name off hand. Which one is better and why? It will be used as my sole computer and will need to do everything if that matters. I really only play poker, surf the net, and use office products, which I don't think the processor will have much of a difference on. Thanks for the help.

10-14-2005, 03:02 PM
Centrino is part of a low-power laptop package that intel put together. It's basically a Pentium M, a wireless card, and probably the chipset that are all required to be called "Centrino". So when you are looking at a centrino system, it will have a pentium M in it.

So for decision, treat them as the same.