View Full Version : How do you get Poker Tracker to work for Absolute?

10-13-2005, 03:52 PM
I can't figure it out. Poker Tracker said it's available through e-mail? What does that mean? I just don't get it and want to get this thing rollin'!

10-13-2005, 04:44 PM
Some clients write out the hand histories to your hard drive, which makes things easy. It looks like Absolute does not, so you need to request that they email you the hand histories, and then import them. Luckily, there is an Auto-Request tool within Poker Tracker (the little hand icon on the toolbar) that automatically requests your last, say 100, hands every 5 minutes. Then you set up Poker Tracker to check your email periodically (the little lightning bolt on the toolbar).

10-14-2005, 10:42 AM
nice, thanks!