View Full Version : dual monitor and 8 tables

10-11-2005, 04:16 PM
I have a 19' monitor, a 1yr old dell computer with a NVIDIA 5200 Geforce vid card. I want to get a 2nd monitor to 8-table, what else do I need, anything? Also can I 8 table w/out overlap if I simply update my vid card to something that can handle 1600/1200 resolution? Anyone have some advice or whatever, I'm not PC smart at all.
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10-12-2005, 01:04 PM
1600x1200 will give you 4 tables. You'll need two such monitors to handle 8 tables. And you'll need a video card with two outputs, or two cards with one each. Both your video card and your monitors will have to support 1600x1200, so investigate before you buy.