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10-10-2005, 01:10 PM
I'm going to do the pokerstars bonus today.

Are there any weird hoops to jump through to cashout? Do I have to send them a liscense or something silly? I've never played there.

10-10-2005, 01:17 PM
Once you deposit the money must remain for 48 hours after that cashout are instant to neteller.

You can cash out and bonus remains and doesnt expire.

10-10-2005, 01:18 PM
Stars insantly cashes out up to the amount you have deposited. If your cashout includes winnings, that portion of it gets reviewed for like 24 hours or so before it gets released.

10-10-2005, 01:41 PM
I was wondering the same thing. I'm signing up for neteller and then I'm going to deposit for this latest bonus into stars.

How long will it take to neteller->stars, is it instant?
Then I gather I have to leave it in there for 48 hours..
Then how long will it take to stars->neteller (and then neteller->bank)?

10-10-2005, 02:00 PM
For me stars is always instant to Neteller (after the 48 hrs)

Then a ETF from Neteller has beed any where from 2 to 4 business days.

10-10-2005, 03:21 PM
neteller-> Stars is instant

10-10-2005, 09:00 PM
neteller-> Stars is instant

[/ QUOTE ]

Up to the amount that you depositted. The rest takes <24 hours.