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10-07-2005, 02:59 PM
I got an email from these guys. Anybody have experience with them? It says you need an account with them before sept 22 in order to be eligible, I've never had an account with these people.

<font color="red"> Dear Kevin,

We want you to return to GalaxiWorld.com Casino, so we're getting back to basics.
Basically there is nothing more tempting than a 200% Second Deposit Bonus.

GalaxiWorld.com Casino will credit your account with the daily (up to) 30% Bonus on your first purchase. And on your second purchase, you will receive a 200% "Welcome Back Bonus" when you email support@Galaxiworld.com to notify them of your purchase. ( Please Note: You must not play your deposited funds before you receive the bonus.) This offer is only available for a limited time to GalaxiWorld members that already have an account prior to Sept 22, 2005. For terms and conditions click here: http://www.galaxiworld.com/lobby/welcome_back.html.

How about that for a Basic Good Deal?!

David R.
Casino Manager
www.GalaxiWorld.com (http://www.GalaxiWorld.com)
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