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10-07-2005, 02:45 PM
Just to let everyone know that bonusbonus.net is a scam. They recently shut down there site and are directing all traffic to a different site. I had signed up for a couple of casinos throught them last week, but had to meet the casinos wagering requirement before I could claim my bonusbounus, bonus. Well... when I went to fill out their claim form I saw that they had shut down the site, leaving me high and dry. There was nothing to indicate this when I signed up through their links.
Just beware if you sign up through the new site that they are advertising what type of people these are.

10-07-2005, 03:00 PM
Got these emails today. Email him with the address below, you might be able to claim bonuses (from anyone but CON that is) maybe.

I want to thank you for using BonusBonus.net. We'll be closing soon, and
I wanted to reassure everyone that we'll still pay any outstanding
bonuses for Starluck, Planetluck, and Golden Palace. We'll keep this
email address and help@bonusbonus.net for the next month or so, in case
you need to communicate with us.

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http://www.bigfatbonus.com/article28.html for some special offers for
BonusBonus.net customers!

Thanks again,
BonusBonus.net Support

Heres what happened:

I have bad news about your Casino-on-Net bonus. Here's the full story.

About 10 days ago, we received an email from Casino-on-Net's affiliate

Dear affiliate,

It has been brought to our attention that the promotion you are running
for our brands does not comply with our guidelines for setting up
campaigns for our brands.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to continue our relationship with
you, and we have no choice but to block your account.

Due to this fact, you will not be paid any commissions for referring

Kind regards,

Affiliate Program Team

Our account was locked, and they refused to pay us. We sent several
emails in protest, which were ignored. We have explicit permission from
their program to pay our players extra bonuses, and we wanted to know
how we had violated their guidelines. Earlier this week, we received
this response:

After looking into your account details and player value over and over
again we have decided that our decision remains.

We will not continue working together.

Your site teaches players how to cheat and manipulate our system by
using our bonuses and permissiveness approach.

We have lost money on each and every player you have brought due to
their behavior and this can not go on.

This deal was suppose to be mutual. And when one of the sides suffer
sever losses and the other benefit from them, the contract must be

I hope you can understand our side of things as well.

Best regards,

Affiliate Support Team
888.com Affiliate Program

We're currently investigating our legal options, but it appears that our
chances of being paid are slim. As explained in our site's Terms and
Conditions, this means that we won't be able to pass on payment to you.
If you wish to check our honesty in this matter, feel free to email
Casino-on-Net's affiliate program.

I'm very sorry about this. Please believe me when I say that we are
extremely disappointed and upset that this has happened. Payments for
other casinos for September have already gone out, and we'll continue
to pay bonuses for all the honest casinos.

Thank you,
BonusBonus.net Support

Looks like CON is screwing him and us out of the money owed. (PlanetLuck and Starluck did pay and I received these the other day). Its possible he's scamming us, but personally I believe his account of the matter. Anyway I was up 260 at CON, so screw them.

10-07-2005, 07:35 PM
It's not a scam. I was paid on the Lucks, screwed on CON. Won pretty well there, but I'd still like my $50. I blame them, not him. It's one thing to end a contract and say we'd prefer not to have your business, here's what we agreed to and what we owe you. (BTW, I look at their affiliate agreement and CON is clearly violating it. They are supposed to pay what they owe on termination. There's nothing about seizing funds.) It's another thing to say, we don't like the results, we're keeping all your money.

Maybe I should round up a bunch of elderly people and teach 'em to play the bonus at CON at the library. That'll teach 'em.

10-07-2005, 07:54 PM
Sucks to be them.... CON requires that you have all cash-back incentives approved by them before opening the campaign. Either BonusBonus didn't set it up before hand, or they were sending over too many bonus-oriented players. I think the latter is more likely, and the cashback thing was a convenient excuse.

If they wanted to stay in business, they'd have to pay out everybody they owed money to from CON, and that likely would have been QUITE unprofitable.

Just another online casino screwing someone over... nothign to see here