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10-06-2005, 05:36 PM
I love my present comp., which is a Pentium III 866mhz and over 4 years old, but it has its snags. The video card (which I bought new 6 months ago) apparently doesn't support 2 monitors; the rest of the system is pretty out of date as well. It lags from time to time, pokertracker etc. runs real slow, and starting up takes FOREVER. So I guess it is time for a new and better computer.

The thing is, even though my computer is out of date, it is not really 'failing' to meet my computing needs. I definitely am not an 'intense' user of my computer; Pokertracker and Windows Media Player are probably the most demanding things I run on it. I definitely don't want to pay a premium for a "souped up" system that is intended more for gamers or programmers etc. I imagine I would keep my 4 year old system around as a second computer; I'm sure it could come in handy.

I'd of course like the best price possible. How does a laptop sound? I can hook that up to my 2 21 inch monitors when I'm at home right, and take it around with me when I travel... Anyways any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

(Sorry for the disjointed writing of this post, I am writing it quickly from work.)

10-06-2005, 06:00 PM
Get a laptop, you won't regret it. Dell has amazing deals on their Inspiron's all the time. google "dell coupons" to find these. Nothing beats grinding in a bar vs. between the same ole' four walls.

10-06-2005, 06:06 PM
I'd of course like the best price possible. How does a laptop sound?

[/ QUOTE ]

these 2 statements generally don't go together. a desktop for $500 will get you a whole lot more than a $500 laptop.

a laptop is much better if you do a lot of traveling, but will certainly cost you more. you can probably find a decent deal for $700 or so when they go on sale. the only thing is that you'll probably want a docking station, which costs some cash, so you can hook up a regular keyboard, and not have an open laptop on your desk all the time.

so add in a couple hundred for that.

if you just want a basi desktop, you can spend just a few hundred on a new Dell, and it will be all you need. it's a simpler and cheaper solution...but not as nice.