View Full Version : SVC reload bonus - how to proceed

10-06-2005, 03:47 PM
I received an email for the SVC 100% up to $50, 20xB reload bonus and decided to partake this month.

The terms of the bonus clearly state:
"The bonus will be automatically credited to your account when you have successfully deposited and staked the bonus amount...You must deposit the bonus amount or more and stake it at least once between the 5th October 00:00 (BST) - 23:59 (BST) to qualify."

I deposited $50 on the 5th and wagered over $1000, however, the bonus was never credited. After a short chat with CS today I got it credited. However, they would not acknowledge that I had met the wr and should now be able to cash out. They said that as the bonus was just credited, the 20xB wr starts NOW.

So here's what I have: my withdrawal limit is $75 ($50 deposit and a $25 win), and my total balance is $125.

As I see it, here are my options:
1) Continue to whine to CS that I have met the wr. This may allow me to withdraw the whole $125 but has the obvious downside of taking more of my time and probably eliminates me from any future monthly bonuses.
2) Just wager another $1000 (which is still really high EV+), then go about my normal withdrawal / cover play business. The downside is that their software is extremely slow and I don't enjoy playing there.
3) Withdraw the $75 and play the $50 as a sticky bonus. I can't find anything in the T&C that prohibits me from withdrawing the $75 - and this is the withdrawable amount shown in the lobby. This may or may not be the best move, EV wise (the bonus is quite small), and it occurs to me that this behaviour may also DQ me from future monthly reloads.

I appreciate your thoughts. This isn't that big a deal to me (only $50 after all), but I feel like I'm entitled to it, so I want to do the right thing. Additionally, I am curious to hear people opinions and their thoughts.