View Full Version : linesmaker (boss media) review

10-04-2005, 10:41 AM
$60 magically disapeared. No hand history to find it; and no help from live help. I won it at blackjack to clear the bonus since some of it apparently does not clear at poker, so I had to do a 25xB (which aint so bad). Live help=no help.

Poker is SLOW! Ridiculously slow! Painfully slow. Pain. Serious pain!

But, WOW, these guys do not know how to play poker. 2/4 is like 10/20 live drunk bad--I mean it is not close to poker it is more like an ATM with bad beats galore! On crack! Never able to get on a SH table or one for more than 2/4 though a couple were going. Kept crashing on me. Several times. The $$$ I had at the table when it crashed one time (of many crashes) got locked up for over a day. Live help=not helpful.

Tired of the BS, needing to clear the bonus, I played every single hand (even for an all-in raise) at .05/.10 and never left the table with less than my buy-in while clearing the contributed raked hands. Even when it crashed I came back to the table with more than $10, but it took me for [censored] ever to figure out how much I had won/lost when it crashed so I had to buy-in for that exact amount.

My bottom line opinion: Do not whore this unless you've exhausted all other options, have less than $500 to whore with, or like pain. Lots of pain. Lots.

10-09-2005, 09:44 AM
[censored] do I hate bumping my own thread, especially one that no one cared about to begin with; but, the $60 magically reappeared. Must have been stuck at a table when it crashed or something. I still stand by my orginial opinion--stay away unless you are just starting out.