View Full Version : bet Holdem intital deposit bonus declined

10-03-2005, 11:31 PM
So it was the end of the month and all my bonuses were collected and I wanted to play some more. I signed up with my affliate for a r deal on Bet Holdem. I came 50 hands shy of finishing the bonus before Oct 1st. Then pop came the $11 of r into my account.

I didn't know what is was so i asked Bet holdem what the $11 was and they told me that I was 50 hands short and the 11 was r.

I then proceeded to play another 3 hours on one table and did poorly with 3 hands of AA to lose 60 playing 2/4. I check my balance and no bonus. I send in an email saying where is my bonus or a link to find out how many hands i still have to play.

They respond with


Upon reviewing your account i realize that you have received rake back payments, unfortunately this disqualifies you from receiving the sign up bonus. It is not our policy to issue both the rake back payments and the bonus to our customers. On the other hand you can check your accumulated rakes online as well. After logging into your account click on the menu botton, then select rake hands then enter the specific dates then submit. There you will see your total rakes for the period.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further concerns.


I have asked for a link to this policy. My affilate had listed this bonus in the proposal.

Anyone else have any problems?



ps. please excuse me if i have this in the wrong category.