View Full Version : UB idiots!

10-01-2005, 10:37 AM
Ok, I deposited the 8 bills yesterday to get the $200 bonus to stack on top of the $400 bonus I already had in there. As I posted yesterday, I did not recieve the bonus. I emailed support and they sent me an email explaining the bonus stucture. I replied that I was not emailing about the bonus structure but about the fact that I did not recieve the bonus they were supposedly giving out. Last night I got a nice personal email that said the bonus has now been added to my account. Ok, cool. Got on this morning to withdrawel and whoa my bonus account is now $200, they actually took $200 out of it. What a freaking reload, I actually reloaded for -$200. Screw it, think I will just give up on them, was not all that excited about the 600 in bonus to clear anyway.

Screw UB.