View Full Version : party first deposit question

09-17-2005, 05:01 PM
I am finally ready to start Party and skins. When I log in
the pop up gives me "Wowreal" as a first deposit code. This
is the 20% up to $100 code. The one thing that I noticed is that this is a 7x to clear bonus. On BH it says it's a 5x
to clear. But you have to sign up through their site.

Since I signed up for party a long time ago and didn't
use an affiliate of any kind, am I stuck with doing the
7x bonus? I did a search on google for bonus codes,there are
alot out there and most need me to sign up through their
site to use the code. The others make no mention of the
rake requirment to clear.

I know from reading on this forum that some of the reload
codes are account specific. Is the first deposit code the
same or is there a 5x code out there that I can use?