View Full Version : bad play with 6s on the bubble?

09-17-2005, 04:45 PM
4 handed, 22 sng. BB is 50.
Seat 3: ms01455 (2255)
Seat 4: kidace7 (2110)
Seat 6: Js5298 (2455)
Seat 9: Hero(1180)
Dealt to Hero [ 6d, 6h ]
kidace7 calls (50)
Js5298 raises (100) to 100
Hero (in sb) raises (1155) to 1180 (all in).

My table image is pretty good. I've only showed down strong hands. I didn't feel like the min raise after one limper was a sign of strength. But most of all, I felt like being the short stack on the bubble might work to my advantage. Any of the other players would have to put in about half their stacks to call. Should i have raised to 500 or 600? just called? folded?