View Full Version : Question for sanity's sake about sessions

09-15-2005, 01:23 PM
I wanted to know what percentage of sessions the average is?

I find that I rarely have a break even/minor losing or a +4 to +6 BB per 100 winning session. I usually win my 2-3 BB per 100 or lose a -4 to -6 BB per 100 to bad beat fish sessions. I am running at 48% winning sessions overall since last year. Still ahead in the ca$h department but not 2 BB per 100.

Is that normal? I figure the range is 50-55% going along with win at showdown.

1 session = 1 table. So if you play 4 tables and swap tables twice because everyone left/or too many sharks/etc. thats 6 sessions (6 tables).

Ironically the 2 friends I taught how to play poker are doing better than me.

09-17-2005, 01:17 PM
If you notice patterns like this in your sessions, it's usually because your play changes as you win or lose money. For example, if you refuse to leave the table when you're behind (as many people do) you will have a few big losing sessions (when you lose so much or for so long that you have to leave) and lots of smaller winning sessions. Or, if you get impatient when you've played a long time without much action, you will tend to get big wins and losses.

Getting small wins and big losses suggests you tighten up when you're ahead, trying to protect winnings, and loosen up (or chase or tilt) when you're behind.