View Full Version : Hassle filled casino on net experience

09-15-2005, 07:49 AM
Figured I'd try to do a few casino's so I signed up for casino on net this morning. Had trouble depositing from my checking acct. So the nightmare began...

I have been online with customer service (along with being disconnected/hung up on 3 times) for the past 2 hours. I got the money in there and then tried to confirm my identity using an online equifax feature as they said it was necessary. Well it didn't work, the feature was broken or something. They told me that I could fax documents if that didnt' work and I told them I would not want to do that and would just want my money back. Well... what a damn pain in the ass. Eventually I got the cashout/deposit reversed.

If I wanted this much hassle I'd go outside and collect empty soda cans for some tax free money. The whole process sucked.

By the way..can I play on the bonus money because I took back all of my funds I deposited. Once I"m sure it's cleared I might try it out.

They suck. Once a few of the customer service reps realized I was presenting a non routine issue they friggin hung up on me. It's not like I was abrasive or inpolite. Maybe you other guys have better luck. I have never run into this much bs in dealing with the 10 or so poker sites I have joined and played at. Screw casino boni, I"m done with it.