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09-11-2005, 05:42 PM
Here in ass backwards florida we cannot make more than a $2 bet on a public poker table--we mostly play no limit at underground clubs and homes--occasionally i go the dogtrack and play 1-2 or straight 2 for fun--very loose game that i beat 9/10--they also have a game that is just nuts called ACTION-- str8 2 with a 2 dollar ante --have never played it but regulaly see people leaving with lots of cah--any thought on the game and how to play it---its usually loose aggressive--but people will start folding on the turn--pots usally get capped either before or after the flop---seems to me its just a crap shoot with many aweful players---plyed poker in seattle for 10 years --10-20 15-30 so miss sitting at a live ring game--- any thoughts beside "dont play" ??? what i am wodering is if this game is a mathmatical disaster--which i suspect it is--and whether anbody thinks its beatable??

09-12-2005, 09:04 AM
An ultra loose game will have a very high variance. They're still +EV, but you need to start valuing draws more than TPTK. Play hands that have a reasonably good shot at being the nuts by the river.

What dogtrack?