View Full Version : Connectors in LHE

09-09-2005, 04:36 PM
I am wondering what implied odds I think I should be getting preflop to enter a hand with connectors (say 89o).

I'm not great with the math, but here are some of my thoughts.
The odds against me floping 2 pair, trips, str8, full-house, or quads are about 20:1
I could also flop an open-ended str8 draw. I think this gets me down to about 5:1 to flop a str8 draw or one of the above mentioned hands. The problem is that if I flop an open-ender, I will only complete the str8 31.5% of the time (assuming I have sufficient odds to call the flop and turn). I think this gets me down to about 10:1 that I either flop a good hand or I flop an open-ender and complete the str8 by the river. The problem with using 10:1 as my number is that while I complete the str8 31.5% of the time, I miss the str8 68.5%. When I miss the str8, I've invested additional chips which increases the cost of playing this hand.

So I ask, what odds should I be looking to get to call preflop with a hand like 89o

09-09-2005, 04:42 PM
This would be better based on your opponents' post flop play and how many people are still in the hand. Do you have good implied odds, or are you playing against good players?