View Full Version : Wireless Mouse + New Batteries = Crazy Computer

09-08-2005, 01:23 PM
I use a wireless mouse and I use rechargeable batteries. I have noticed that sometimes when I change the batteries my computer goes crazy. The symptoms are:

1. The computer scroll jumps up and down very rapidly.
2. When playing online poker, random numbers start spewing out where I can not select the size of my bet (I play no limit). When this happens I place the mouse pointer over the bet button and click hoping to choose the raise that I want.

When I change to standard batteries or a different pair of rechargeable batteries this seems to fix the problem. Perhaps I have a faulty mouse or faulty batteries.

Anyone have any insight into this problem?

I have a Microsoft wireless mouse and I use Duracell Rechargeable Accu batteries.

09-08-2005, 05:21 PM
If the problem never occurs with standard batteries, this would seem to indicate that one or more of your rechargeables is bad. As a start, I would suggest that you number your rechargeables or mark them in some other way that uniquely identifies each battery, and see if one or more particular batteries cause the problem. Also, make sure you are fully recharging the batteries. I don't know whether your charger has some type of indicator for a full charge, or your just rely on them being in the charger for a minimum amount of time, but it's possible that a less than fully charged battery is causing the problem. However, the type of problems you are describing seem more likely to be a symptom of an intermittent contact somewhere, either in a battery or in the mouse.