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09-07-2005, 05:44 PM
Titan poker is available on PSO. it has a %100 up to $500 bonus it says the "A raked hand on Titan Poker is defined as any hand you see a flop and the pot is raked. (Same definition as Party Poker). Has anybody done this bonus yet and if so how hard is the bonus to clear


09-07-2005, 05:47 PM
Well I don't think its worth doing at all. Only reason I signed up is to get a load of free books at boogster. The bonus is released in $10 for getting 1000 "stars" - you get 1 for every raked hand at .5/1, 3 at 1/2 and 6 at 2/4. I prefer party - better games, more than 2 tables running, and I make more with RB than the Titan bonus.

09-07-2005, 05:58 PM
Titan changed their comp redemption value drastically after the first wave of swag whores hit it up last week.

Boogster removed it completely, PSO raised the stars req to 3500 and ECD is 1750.

1750 stars is still quite a bit of action on a network that doesn't have much to begin with. you can clear it playing about 600 hands at $1/2 LHE or 450 hands at 50c/$1 NL. if you play a little past that then you can clear $20 direct from the site, and then $90 of affiliate credit.

without the comp deal, this bonus by itself is virtually worthless vs. competition.

Synergistic Explosions
09-08-2005, 02:45 AM
I signed up but I misread the star values. They go by blinds not limits. Thought I was getting 3 stars and I only got one for each raked hand. Sucks.

However, customer support popped me a IM right after I signed up but didn't deposit. She said she'd give me 10 bucks if I deposited right then. So I did the max 500 and she gave me a free 10 on top of it.

I won a bit and withdrew the 500 that night and it hit Neteller in about two days. The .50/1.00 games got to be the easiest limit games anywhere. Good place just to unwind at while winning a few bucks. To bad the bonus isn't set up the same as some of the other network sites like Betfred and others.

09-08-2005, 02:53 AM
I'm surprised this was your first iPoker network skin. the games here have been ridiculously soft from the get go and the bonuses were great when all of them were still regular 10x raked non-contributed.

of the 7 sites I've done so far, 5 of them are no longer bonus-worthy, unfortunately.

Synergistic Explosions
09-08-2005, 06:29 AM
I had been playing Betfred the last three months. They had the 10X bonus. Also got a nice pair of Bolle sunglasses. Made a nice score in the monthly Steve Hendry free roll they offer with 500 raked hands.

I had hoped maybe Titans bonus would be worthile like a 10X at low limits, but it's not to be. Plus they don't offer any free rolls like BetFred. Some huge overlays there also in their guaranteed tourneys.

So what other ipoker site has a good bonus? I looked em over about a month ago and there seemed to be several at that time.