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09-06-2005, 06:24 PM
You're in the button in a tight-aggressive game, with really weak blinds. Sklansky says you can raise any two cards with +EV here as a steal.

It's folded to you, you look down: 3s2s.

You raise. The SB folds and BB calls. Oh crap!


Board is Ks9s8c, two of your suit. The defender leads into you. He has AKo, no backdoor flush.

(heads-up, pot is 5.5 SB).


So you call, expecting that if you hit your hand you can raise and be called to the river.

If you hit on the turn, the pot will be 5.5 sb + 4 sb + 2 sb = 11.5 sb : 1sb for you to call.

Since you have a 4.22:1 shot at this, you're getting an EV of

+(11.5-4.22)/4.22 = +1.75 sb if you hit the turn.


Supposing you miss the turn, but can raise if you hit the river and you will be called:

Evaluating the EV going from the turn to the river:

Pot will be 3bb, you're getting 5:1 odds on a 4.11:1 shot.

thats: +0.89/4.11 in EV (in bb this time): +0.21BB


I'm going to post this part right now, just to hear a few yes/no's, and I'll continue by replying to this message.


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09-06-2005, 06:25 PM
What I'm trying to do here is reconcile the implied odds on the flop and the implied odds on the turn to come up with a true effective odds answer here, to find the EV of the hand as played from the flop forwards.

If I were a better programmer with a working compiler, I would just run a couple hundred thousand hands through a simulator and see what the EV actually worked out to (within some small margin of error). Unfortunately, I'm not.


One way of looking at the effective odds of this situation is:

1.5 BB in a 2.75BB pot (on the flop), with implied odds of 3 enemy bets if you hit:

5.75:1.5 on a 2:1 shot (in BB)

Now... I'm not sure 100% how to convert a x:1.5 into a x:1 ratio, but I THINK it's: (2x/3):1

If that's true, this gives us a ratio of 3.8333:1 on a 2:1 shot, giving us a EV of +1.8333/2 BB per hand, or +0.917 BB per hand.

09-06-2005, 06:25 PM
I'm a little uncomfortable with the effective odds answer given in the "effective odds intro", because it comes up with a number that's way higher than I would expect it, since we have such a small edge on the turn and a comparable edge to the effective odds intro answer, on the flop.


So, if we did this, instead:

(chance of hitting turn) * (ev of flop to turn if we do so)...

(9/47) * (1.75/2)... {note: this is in BB now, rather than SB)

+ the chance of missing the turn * the ev of calling on the turn

+ (38/47) * 0.21


=0.191 * 0.875 + 0.8085 * *0.21

=0.16755 + 0.169787

=~ 0.33734 bb/hand in +EV

This number is WAY different than the figure put forward by doing the 1.5 bb investment while getting about 2:1 odds.

Am I screwwing up the math somewhere here? How do we figure out how much money we're going to be making over 100k hands calling down to the river, raising and getting called if we do this play?

Keep in mind, I'm not looking at stuff like getting a free card, raising for folding equity when a guy has QQ or anything like that (maybe the chance of hitting your flush on the turn then on the river a fourth-flush card hits and he doesn't call very often on the river... that sort of thing too). I may get into that stuff later, but I'm trying to find out the answer to this (EV of this hand, starting at the flop and going to the river) first...

Any help would be appreciated.


Edit: FWIW, this number seems way too low.

09-06-2005, 07:04 PM
The answer will depend on your exact assumptions, but I think you're in the right ballpark.

Here's the way I find easiest to approach it:

One of the three things will happen; you will hit on the turn, hit on the river, or miss.

If you hit on the turn, you'll win anywhere from 3.75 to 5.75 BBs depending how optimistic you are. On the river, win 5.75 probably. If you miss, you lose 1.5 (your calls on the flop and turn.)

So, your EV is 9/47 * 3.75 + 38*9/47*46 * 5.75 - 38*37/47*46 * 1.5 = .652 BB under a conservative estimate of what you'll win if you hit on the turn, and rises to as much as 1.03 BB if you really think you'll get bet into on the turn, your turn raise called, AND river bet called if you hit on the turn.