View Full Version : Not a probablity question, more like a math/poker question

04-21-2003, 04:28 PM
I am playing online and I see the guy to my left never posts a big/small blind but always posts behind the button. Since there is no penalty for sitting out (posting big +small) the player basically pays 1 big blind to see 7 hands while all the other players pay 1.5 big blinds to see 10 hands.

When one player sits out that player pays 1 big blind to see 6 hands and the other players pay 1.5 to see 9 hands. So mathematically all players pay the same per hand.

Question: is it a good idea to post behind the button online when 10 handed since it is cheaper per hand although u have to sit out for 3 hands?

Against this player I raised when he posted and stole twice, with TJs and 88 (not sure if u guys consider that a steal)

if you did only post behind the buttonin a 10 handed online game then how would u adjust?

04-25-2003, 01:14 PM
In general if you are a new player you have to post a big blind to get a hand, but if you miss the blinds you have to post both the big and small blinds to get a hand. In either case you can sit out until the blind reaches you.

Let's assume that the small blind is half of the big blind.
If you play your blinds it costs you 1.5 BB to see 10 hands at a full table or .15 BB/hand. If you post behind the button it costs you 1 BB to see 7 hands or .143 BB/hand. So it would appear to be beneficial as a new player to come in behind the button rather than to take your blinds.

The problem is that all those hands do not have equal value. Position is important. I want to be on the button and get to act last on every round. I think getting to play on the button is worth the extra 0.007 big blind bet per hand for that round.