View Full Version : Boss site problem!

09-03-2005, 08:36 AM
I'm wondering if anybody else has had this problem? On
sporting bet when I click on the "new user" button to reg
I got this error message "the filename,directory name
or volume label syntax is incorrect". I got around that
because they had a regestration option on their website.

On Casino.net the "new user" button works fine,but when
I try to make a deposit via neteller I get the error again
when I click on the "proccess deposit" button. I also get
the error on the "cashier" button on sporting bet but it
works on casino.net.I also get the error on both sites
when I click the "www help desk" button in the support
section. It beats me what the problem is! The live support
people were clueless,so I have sent emails to both sites.
I have also sent one to Boss since the problems are on
several sites.

Has anybody else run into this? And if so was there a fix?
I have tried reinstalling,dumping cache,cookies and
everything else with no results. I am running win XP home
if that helps any.