View Full Version : straight vs. flush draw

04-20-2003, 07:50 AM
im holding A8c on the button in no limit tournament.

7h 9h 6s

someone bets minimum and it calls around.

7h 9h 6s (10d)

checks around to me, i move all in.

one person calls with Q5h.

i ran these cards through 2dimes.net and its saying the Q5 is a 50% favorite. can someone explain to me how the Q5 is the favored hand in this situation or give me the actual odds of him rivering me like he does every time >:\

04-20-2003, 07:59 AM
i figured out why i was getting funky results with twodimes.net, i was putting 10 instead of T. guess my odds were about 3/4 inevidably i got rivered by the same guy i always get rivered by.

we play weekly tournaments. a few weeks ago i caught AA, 3 handed. the flop comes 99T. hes got 87os, he bets double the minimum, i raise all in. he takes a moment to think (knowing i get rivered by him every week i show him my aces knowing he cant possibly have a 9 becuase he never makes a hand til the river) despite seeing my aces and knowing hes got 8 outs and i have another 4 cards (99AA) that could fill me up, he decides to throw in the rest of his chips, and of course a brick on the turn. guess what miracle comes on the river...

04-20-2003, 09:11 AM
PokerWiz sims; 10mln rounds each time; percentages don't add up to exactly 100% due to ties.


PLAYER 1 : Ac8c
PLAYER 2 : Qh5h
BOARD : 7h 9h 6s Td

PLAYER 1 : Wins 74.99%
PLAYER 2 : Wins 20.46%
PLAYER 2 is 3.40 odds against to Win at the River.


PLAYER 2 : 8h7d
BOARD : 9h 9d Tc 2s

PLAYER 1 : Wins 81.82%
PLAYER 2 : Wins 18.18%
PLAYER 2 is 4.50 odds against to Win at the River.

Hope you're feeling better.