View Full Version : Bodog question

09-02-2005, 09:17 PM
Recently i made my first deposit into bodog of $1000 making me eligible for $200 bonus dollars.

looking under the "manage account" section it has me down for "bonus redeemed (poker transfer) $55" about an hour after my buy-in and several hours later another "bonus redeemed (poker transfer) $55" even though i have not yet played enough to redeem anywhere near this much of my bonus.

I have made $45 in playing and should have an account of $1045 and bonus $200, but instead it reads me as having an account of $1155 and bonus pending of $90.

Any experience with this? Is this just an error on their part and will be fixed later?

Thanks for any thoughts

09-02-2005, 09:27 PM
don't use the "Bonus Account" menu in the Bodog cashier screen, that is pretty much useless. track the required number of poker points you need to clear on your own, or ask support for an updated count.