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Jim Kuhn
08-31-2005, 07:52 PM
I arrived home from work with news from the kids that the computers are not working. I tried one and received a message this page can't be displayed (like when not connected to the internet). I tried the other and received a message similar to 'this computer is being controlled by 168.xx.xxx (some numbers).

I rebooted both. The first computer came up with a router configuration settings change wizard. The second came back with the same message of being controlled by another ip address.

I utilized the second computer and bypassed the router directly to the cable modum. I accessed the internet and am currently running pandasoftware virus scanner. I am running xp with service pack 2 and access the internet via netgear router and charter pipeline.

Should I be concerned about all my poker accounts and neteller passwords? I would hate to lose my money to a hacker. Is it safe to type in my email password that is utilized for my poker accounts and neteller? Thank you in advance for any advice!

Thank you,

Jim Kuhn
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09-02-2005, 02:58 AM
If I were you I would disconnect from the internet, backup all data you want to save, and reinstall each of your machines. After backing up, shutdown all of your machines prior to reinstalling so that an infected machine can't reinfect the machine you are reinstalling on.

Maybe you could use virus/spyware scanners to remove stuff without reinstalling, but personally, I wouldn't take the chance.

Good luck.