View Full Version : Suggest a computer please

08-29-2005, 07:38 PM
I'm looking to buy a PC so I can stop using Virtual PC and start some real multi-tabling. I have a great Powerbook so my PC will be used exclusively for poker. I want to be able to 4-table while running Pokertracker and GT+. I am in Canada so I figure it will be easiest to just buy from a Canadian site. I am looking at this deal (http://www.mdg.ca/new_marketspace/new_mdg_locations2.asp?offer=3) which I particularly like because I can resell the free stuff they offer on eBay. Do you guys think that this computer will be sufficient for what I want to do?

08-30-2005, 01:25 AM
The computer is definitely sufficient but you'll likely need a different monitor for multitabling. I got a refurbished Dell 21" trinitron off of Ebay for about $165 total that works great.