View Full Version : Uninstall Bonus Sites?

08-28-2005, 01:19 PM
I am new at bonus whoring, here's my question.

I signed on with Poker.net for the bonus (my first bonus whoring experience). Once you cash out of Poker.net, do I just uninstall their software?

08-28-2005, 01:37 PM
If you don't plan on playing there ever again, go for it. But mind you, you will have to download again to play there if you want to deposit for a reload or something. Your account will not be deleted just because you uninstall it.

08-28-2005, 02:14 PM
Thx. That's actually what I wanted to know but didn't phrase it right.

08-28-2005, 05:50 PM
you can if you want to, but theres probably no real reason

08-28-2005, 06:49 PM
I never delete software after i whore it.