View Full Version : Mini home network problem

08-26-2005, 01:01 PM
With my previous PC I had my laptop networked through a cable (crossover cable?). I was able to share all files from both and share my internet connection. My new PC runs Win XP compared to win 98 on the old one. The laptop runs Win98 NT. I managed to get the laptop access to the shared documents folder but thats it (rest of the files won't share, internet connection won't share).

Tried every setting I could think of and it seems XP wants a setup disk created for the laptop. Problem is the new PC doesnt have a floppy drive and I can't seem to burn these files to a cd. Also, WinXP came preinstalled so I have no CD.

I searched for a way to download these files directly but no luck. Is there a way to get this connection fully operational w/o installing a floppy drive on the new pc?