View Full Version : Newbie needs guidance. Help!

08-21-2005, 12:02 PM
Can you guys give me some guidance on propping vs rakeback vs bonus whoring.

My Background: I play about 10-12 hours per week. Mostly I multitable 2/4 (for money) and single table 5/10 6 max(to improve my game). I have been missing out on a lot of extra cash because I only play on one site (Empire), have no rack back deal, and I don't even take advantage of deposit bonuses. I play mostly for fun, but the extra cash is cool too. I get bored 3 and 4 tabling because I don't feel like I can focus on the strategy of the game.


1. I am strongly considering propping. I enjoy playing short handed so it seems like a good fit for me. Based on my background, is propping right for me or would I be better served by going with a rack back/bonus whoring?

2. For tax purposes, are profits from propping still considered gambling winnings or does it count like money you make from any other job?

Thanks for the help. Hope I didn't violate any forum taboos.

08-22-2005, 02:40 PM
IM0, I would go the route of getting bonuses through lowlimt 6 max. I think if you limit yourself to 3 tables of 6 max, you can still concentrate on strategic aspects.