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08-20-2005, 02:08 PM
Hello all,

First of all let me tell you I basically know nothing about computers. I dont know where to search for the best deals or what a good deal even is. Currently I have an emachines laptop which I use for school and personal use. I would like to get a desktop for poker uses mainly since this laptop seems to slow down alot. I finally have the bankroll to take a dent to it to buy a new computer. I would like to 8 table eventually but I know I will need a 2001fp for that and I dont need an extra one of those right now. My price range is from $1000-$1500 if that is even feasible. Thankyou

08-20-2005, 03:39 PM
Standard question. The standard reply is: the cheapest Dell will be fine. Upgrade the screen to a 2001FP and watch in amazement as you still get change from a grand.

08-20-2005, 04:27 PM
As the previous person stated you won't need a monster PC for poker but if you're going to be multitabling I'd invest some of that money to buy 1 gig of RAM (512 at the minimum). Also make sure you get a Pentium instead of a Celeron if you're going through Dell.

08-20-2005, 04:31 PM
So if I were to purchase the dell demension 3000 with the penium 4 processor and 1 Gb of ram plus the 2001fp, I should be all set? Is there anything else that is essential? Such as a good video card so that I can multi table or does that come with?

Also, should I get the 40 GB or the 80 GB hard drive for 32 dollars more? Thanks, I really dont know that much about computers

08-20-2005, 05:45 PM
Dell has a few coupons right now so you can get some nice upgrades and make it the same price you were going to pay for half the speed. Here's the specs I priced out (not including the 2001FP).

Save $500 on any Dimension Desktop purchase of $1099 or more.
Coupon expires 8/25/05 at 5:59 am CT or after 5000 uses, whichever comes first.

http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/messageview.php?catid=18&threadid=508888&highlight _key=y&keyword1=DELL

Dell recommends Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional

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Dimension 3000
Date & Time: August 20,2005 4:43 PM CST


Dimension 3000 Qty 1
Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor w/ HT Technology (3GHz, 800 FSB), Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition Unit Price $1,123.00
Save $500 on SELECT Dimension™ desktop purchases $1099 or more (before tax
- $500.00
Catalog Number: 29
Module Description Show Details
Dell Dimension 3000 Series Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor w/ HT Technology (3GHz, 800 FSB)
Operating System Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition
Memory 1GB Dual Channel DDR SDRAM at 400MHz
Keyboard and Mouse Bundles Dell Wireless Keyboard and Optical Mouse
Monitors No Monitor
Video Card Integrated Intel® Extreme Graphics 2
Hard Drive 160GB Ultra ATA/100 7200RPM Hard Drive
Floppy Drives and Additional Storage Devices 3.5 in Floppy Drive
Mouse Mouse included with Keyboard purchase
Network Interface Integrated 10/100 Ethernet
Modem 56K PCI Data/Fax Modem
Adobe Software Adobe® Acrobat® Reader 6.0
CD or DVD Drive Dual Drives: 16x DVD-ROM Drive + 16x DVD+/-RW w/dbl layer write capability
Sound Card Sound Blaster® Live! 24-bit ADVANCED HD™ Audio
Speakers Dell 5650 5.1 100 Watt Surround Sound Speaker System with Subwoofer
Office Productivity Software No Productivity Suite - Corel WordPerfect® word processor only
Security Software No Security Subscription
Digital Music Musicmatch® Jukebox Basic
Digital Photography Photo Album™ SE Basic
Limited Warranty, Services and Support Options 90 Days Ltd Warranty, 90 Days At-Home Service, and 90 Days Technical Spt
Internet Access Services 6 Months of America Online Membership Included
Miscellaneous Award Winning Service and Support
Financial Software (Preinstalled) No QuickBooks package selected- Includes limited use trial
Dell Media Experience Dell Media Experience™

Dell 720 Color Printer Qty 1
Free Dell Color Printer 720 Unit Price $0.00
Catalog Number: 29
Module Description Show Details
Dell Color Printer 720 Free Dell Color Printer 720
Hardware Support Services 1Yr Ltd. Warranty- Advance Exchange

08-21-2005, 06:21 PM
Wow. That is a bargain.

08-22-2005, 01:06 AM
Ive tried to use that coupon on 5 or 6 different systems just now, I cannot get it to work. Is there a trick to it? I keep getting the following:

Coupons Entered
The following coupons have been entered but require additional information or do not meet eligibility requirements. Click "View Details" link(s) for more information.

The details doesnt tell me why its not working though.

08-22-2005, 02:20 AM
You computer needs to to total at least $1099 before you can use the coupon.

08-22-2005, 11:55 AM
They all were. I finally got one to work, but the discount they were all ready giving was larger than the coupon. They wouldn't let me stack the two.

08-22-2005, 12:14 PM
Well it looks like that is a good deal so I jumped on it the other day. It should arrive in a couple more days. Im going to wait till the 2001fps go on sale before I buy a couple. I appreciate all the help. Thanks