View Full Version : ok help me with this call

08-20-2005, 05:53 AM
ok here is basicly the situation. utg raises 3bb and i am late/mid almost everyone calls b4 me so i call. i have Ac10c. flop comes 10h6c2c. utg bets 10 into about 15ish. one caller befoe me i min raise for wahetever reason i dont know im at the tail end of a 6000 hand session. somone after me moves all in for about 150 and i have him coverd (100nl 10 handed) then another guy behind him moves all in for 200 and i dont have him coverd i have 150 on the dot. utg calls for remaining 40 to make it 50 his original 10 bet and his 40 all in call. i think its safe to say utg is shortstack fish with AA KK QQ JJish hand however the two behind me i can pretty well put on 22set and 66 set. 10 10 being very unlikley. anyway im pretty horible with math when it comes to multiway pot odds like this i know im abotu 33% turn river to win so the call looks like this utg-10$ early call 10$ my min raise 20$ all in 150$ all in 150$ call 40$ early pos folds. so 130$ to go in a 380$ pot. i think its fair to say that an A leaves me beat and a 10 probably still leaves me beat by at least 1 villan. i dont know if running boat is enough of a % to factor in. anyway can i make this call 130 into a 380 pot? 9 outs? with a 2.9% backdoor boat.

08-21-2005, 07:48 PM
Your about 2 to 1 to make a flush draw and your getting 3 to 1 on your money, I would gamble and call. If both the people behind you have a set they only have 3 outs to make a boat or quads on the turn and 6 to make it on the river, so they dont have much of a redraw against your flush