View Full Version : How many of you run your PC with an Admin account ?

08-14-2005, 03:26 AM
I was on a security site who recommended only using a limited account for 95 % of your usage and have a separate Admin account for the password changing and necessary maintenance. I'm always using my Admin account. It is the only account that I have. This is my first PC so I was naive when I first got it. Now I have so much on this account that I can't really change unless someone has a good idea for being able to do that. I just have too many programs installed to change to another account. Anyway, the article said it has something to do with a hacker being able to take over your PC.

08-14-2005, 04:35 AM
That article was basically talking about the principle of least privelge. As far as how important it is this is something i read Microsoft is adding in Longhorn:


What are the key hurdles between now and the final launch, and what aspects are the most challenging?
Allchin: There are several changes that we are going to make that are going to take a lot of focused testing. They are things that customers have really wanted, but they are complex. (One of these is a feature internally known as LUA--Least User Access.) It's basically running users (in standard-user mode), not in (administrator mode, which makes it easy to add new programs and make other changes, but also to allow major changes to be made by malicious software).

If you are running as a standard user, then we have a lot to do in terms of application compatibility and also getting the user experience right so that users aren't surprised. That's a hurdle. We have most of the work done, frankly, but we expect there is going to be a time frame to hone it.

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LUA is basically Microsofts implimentation of the principle of least privilege from a user perspective in Windows. Google "least privilege" if you are interested in reading up on the subject.

Mr Gee
08-15-2005, 10:21 AM
I've tried running my computer from a limited account but found it to be more hassle than it's worth. The problem is many programs (including many poker clients) like to be able to modify files in directories that tend to be restricted under a limited account. You then have to go around changing permissions on various files/directories to try and get things to work.

Pretty well everyone runs their home Windows PC as an Administrator. Keep on top of your other security measures (updates/firewall/antivirus/backups etc), and you should be okay.